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A full service advertising and marketing company that caters for everything under one roof!

PAB Studios limited have over 25 year's experience working in advertising/marketing and cover a variety of disciplines including: press/radio/on-line and TV advertising, direct mail, website, PR, print and point of sale. Our wide knowledge of the Automotive market place helps secure work with over 100 franchise and non franchise dealers, all across the UK, along with many retail shopping centres and outlets.

We are complimented time and time again for our quick campaign turnaround; it is not unusual for us to create a campaign within 24 hours if required. Our hard working team of employees are dedicated and committed to each business as if it was their own.

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@PAB_Studios Jan 16, 15:28

How's your Monday so far?

@PAB_Studios Jan 12, 10:43

This is beautiful....worth a watch.

@PAB_Studios Jan 12, 09:14

Contextual marketing, brand protection, advert placement.. Remember to pay attention to the finer detail when...

@PAB_Studios Jan 11, 09:07

So it is 'Make Your Dreams Come True Day' today, lets break down some easy steps to make your dream happen! 1)...

@PAB_Studios Jan 10, 16:17

Steve Jobs marketing strategy - its difficult to be heard in the modern world so be clear and concise with...

@PAB_Studios Jan 09, 16:52

Did you know today was the day the i-phone was launched! Can you remember buying yours?...

@PAB_Studios Jan 08, 15:02

Wouldn't you love to be able to do this at 70 years old?

@PAB_Studios Jan 08, 10:27

Ahhhhh enjoy peeps!

@PAB_Studios Jan 06, 18:41

I posted a new photo to Facebook

@PAB_Studios Jan 06, 09:11

Its National Cuddle Up day... have a hug on us!

@PAB_Studios Jan 05, 09:20

What a fantastic quote for any person in any circumstance!

@PAB_Studios Jan 04, 13:50

Spot the faux par πŸ™„

@PAB_Studios Jan 03, 19:35

New Year - New job A fantastic opportunity has arisen for an Accounts Clerk/book Keeper at pab studios - 37.5...

@PAB_Studios Jan 03, 09:30

Do I you need help to get more sales this year? If yes, PAB Studios are here to help! We will research your...

@PAB_Studios Jan 02, 19:46

We have a good feeling about 2017... 2016 felt challenging to say the least especially the last six months but...

@PAB_Studios Jan 01, 19:15

I posted a new photo to Facebook

@PAB_Studios Dec 29, 10:03

Worth a watch. The winning formula in business is hard work, lots of patience and determination. It took my...

@PAB_Studios Dec 28, 22:19

There's always new opportunities out there - even when you think there aren't. We may have some opportunities...

@PAB_Studios Dec 23, 21:20

Had an amazing year!!!!! Looking at memories.. check out Pabs instagram @pab_studios

@PAB_Studios Dec 23, 11:26

Merry Christmas, thanks for everything in 2016

@PAB_Studios Dec 22, 15:18

Not long now until Santa comes down the chimney! WHOOP We wish all clients (old and new) a very Happy Christmas...

@PAB_Studios Dec 21, 15:09

Hey! Welcome Jonathan Dixon!!!! Hope you enjoy seeing our work and what we get up to!

@PAB_Studios Dec 19, 17:01

We loved being part of the creative team who worked on this!

@PAB_Studios Dec 19, 11:24 Don't forget it's not too late!!!! Let's help the kids and...

@PAB_Studios Dec 17, 09:12

This will be us next Friday in the revolving door!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@PAB_Studios Dec 16, 15:43

Merry Christmas from the team here at PAB Studios :)

@PAB_Studios Dec 16, 13:21

Annual PAB Arm wrestling competition ....

@PAB_Studios Dec 16, 10:39

Some snaps of the team looking rather jolly for #christmasjumperday it's snow joke that we love any excuse to...

@PAB_Studios Dec 16, 10:34

Any excuse for a party #christmasjumperday is the perfect one let's see some of your snaps

@PAB_Studios Dec 14, 21:01

We can't wait for our special Xmas buffet delivery on Friday!!!!!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

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